We are the Bay Area’s premiere DREADLOCK and HAIR WEAVING  SALON.  Featured in several publications, our courteous and professional staff has served Bay Area women and men for over  20 years now, with results worth boasting about. Come visit our salon  and experience like never before the beauty within yourself.  

Oakland Hair Weaving Salon
​Oakland Dreadlocks Salon

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 THE GALLERY, is dedicated to providing Peace, Harmony, and Well-Being in a celebration of Beauty. Our vision as professionals is to better serve our clients with creative energy, touch and confidence.  We specialize in several different hair locking techniques including 
Palm Roll, Comb twist, Crochet, Interlock, knitting, and  Dreadlock Extensions on all hair types.

Our hair weaving methods include the  Pole Method, Christina, Malaysian, Sew- in, Quick weaves , Bond, and Strand  by strand extension Fusion.